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Cd Mastering Services Online

We supply professional audio cd mastering services around the world for electronic music producers and dance music labels on our exclusive digital emastering online service platform.

"Mastering services for music producers and dance music labels"

Online mastering services is one of the best music mastering studios around the world that offers a professional, accurate and affordable audio mastering work online. We provide a cheap and qualified professional emastering service for electronic music producers and labels worldwide. We have more than 76 satisfied customers in 13 countries amazed with our audio mastering services.

"Accurate and affordable audio mastering work online"

Mastering Electronic and Dance Music

We are specialized in mastering dance music. We only want to work on what is our passion. Our team offers house music producers, trance music producers and electronic music artists; this is the reason why we want to offer you our experience and knowledge in these music styles. Our mastering engineers have been working in the music industry for past 10 years and they produced, mixed and mastered for numerous underground club, music producers and independent labels.

"We are specialized in Dance music, only wanna work in our passion"

CD Audio Mastering Prices

We offer fixed prices in our online audio mastering services. Our price is €59 per track and we make special discounts for albums and labels.

Number of Tracks Price per track Description of your project
1-3 €59/track Your project has between 1 and 3 tracks
4-12 €56/track Your project has between 4 and 12 tracks
12 or more €53/track Your project has more than 13 tracks

For additional mixes like radio edit versions that match the original mix, you do not have to pay extra money.

Audio Mastering Services with Guarantee

Our passion is to provide the best audio mastering quality. We are very proud of our work, therefore we offer a demo of your masters to verify that it suits your audio expectations. In case you want some changes, we work on the project until you are completely satisfied.

“Don´t pay if you’re not 100% satisfied”