Audio Mastering Studio Online

Audio Mastering Studio

Professional audio mastering is the final stage of music production. The purpose is to prepare the final audio master for distribution. It makes a track sounds more balanced, sweeter to the ears and much more professional for commercial distribution.

Many people think that audio mastering is not necessary for their own audio projects, but the truth is quite the contrary. A good mastering can make all the difference between a vulgar production and a remarkable final product. It can be the different between a licensed track and other demo track in your hard drive. Nowadays releasing your music in a label is becoming more difficult. You have to make sure that you can compete with the best productions out there.

An accurate mastered track sounds with a bigger impact and dimension, increases vocal clarity and intelligibility and gives your music that commercial feeling that all producers are looking for.

Our online mastering studio combined the latest high-resolution digital mastering software with the best recording studio equipment to provide the best result in every single masterpiece.

"Let us bring out the best of your music production"

Our online sound studio website offers a truly convenient way to get your music productions ready for digital distribution.

Audio Mastering Services Online

We supply professional audio CD mastering services around the world for electronic music producers and dance music labels on our exclusive digital emastering online service platform. offers a professional, accurate and affordable audio mastering service online.

These are the simple steps you must follow to obtain your revised track:

  1. You upload the audio track to the studio
  2. We master your audio track within 24-48 hours in our mastering studio
  3. We send you a mastered audio preview and you approve or deny the master
  4. You will not have to pay for anything if you are not 100% satisfied

Before payment you will be asked to fill in an online delivery form for your invoice information.

"Payment can be done by Paypal, credit card or by bank transfer"

Mixing Studio Services Online

Audio mastering results will always rely on the quality of the mix. There are no mastering secrets or magic mastering techniques or studios to achieve a great mastering service. Mastering cannot create miracles for a poor audio mix.

"A good mix is the key to get exceptional mastering results"

We use the most advanced mixing and mastering techniques including parallel compression, reverberation and compression techniques. You will be able to listen the big different after our mixing session.

If you are an amateur producer or a professional music producer that want to get the best of his production, the audio mixing session is for you.

You can take the Mixing and Mastering Bundle and save 20% in your order. Our customers often purchase this mixing and master bundle taking advantage of this mixing discounts.

"Professional Dance Music Mixing Online at the best price"

These are the simple steps you must follow to start your mixing session:

  1. You upload the multitrack audio project for mixing
  2. We edit and process all the mixing tracks within 3-4 days in our mixing studio
  3. After we get done your mixing and mastering we will send you a link to download your project.

Music Production Services Online

If you are looking for a dance music producer or you want to release a Massive Remix or house music production we can provide you with the full music service.

Everything from composition, mixing and remixing, we can do it for you. Our collaborators are professional music producers that work with all dance music styles, from house to trance and progressive.

Our Dance Music Styles are: Trance, Hard Trance, House, Tech House, Techno, Techno House, Progressive House, Electro House, Progressive, Hard Dance, Electro and Minimal. Let´s us know what dance music style you are looking for and we will work on it.

"Professional Music Productions for all Electronic Music Styles"